Age Groups

The following chart is the division break down by age:

DivisionBirth YearField
Under 4 (u4)2019
Under 5 (u5)2018
Under 6 (u6)2017
Under 7 (u7)2016
Under 8 (u8)2015
Under 9 (u9)2014
Under 10 (u10)2013
Under 11 (u11)2012
Under 12 (u12)2011
Under 13 (u13)2010
Under 14 (u14)2009
Under 15 (u15)2008
Under 16 (u16)2007
Under 17 (u17)2006
Under 18 (u18)2005
Under 19 (u19)2004

We only have teams in the even numbers (u4, u6, u8, etc) so if you child falls into the odd category, he/she will play in the next even division. We do this based on enrollment.

Example: Your Child was born in 2018 which would actually place he/she in the u5 age bracket. He/She would play in the u6 bracket.


The age of a player for purpose of league play shall be the player’s age on December 31 of the current soccer year. The current soccer year begins on September 1 and ends on August 31 of the following year.

If allowed by the Member Association playing rules, players who meet the minimum age will be eligible to play.

It is quite common for some of the years or ages to be combined to form teams. For example, we will often put u7s and u8s together to form teams. When this is the case, the combined team will play the u8 age bracket.

It all depends on the number of kids who register.

Check the map of the CYSA complex for a complete reference to the fields.