Parent Resources

As a parent, you play a vital role in your child’s experience in youth sports, as no one has more influence on a child’s enjoyment and participation. The sport of soccer provides parents with numerous opportunities to help children learn important life lessons and gain memories that will last forever.

At Canton Youth Soccer Association, we recognize the important contributions you make – and the challenges you face at all levels of the game. We offer a variety of parent education resources and initiatives, ranging from educational articles and best-practice recommendations. 

Online Articles & Links

Introduction to Soccer and Rules of the Game

Advice for First-Time Soccer Parents 

Parent Pocket Guide to the Rules

Laws of the Game Made Easy  

Offside Made Easy

US Soccer Referee Program

South Texas Administrative Handbook 

US Soccer Calendar Birth Year Registration Information and Mandates

Player Development

US Youth Soccer Player Development Model: A Player-Centered Curriculum

US Soccer Player Development Initiatives

We Are Doing Youth Soccer Wrong: The Culture of Winning Hurts Player Development

Why Small-Sided Games?

Wellness Tools

Child Obesity 180 Program

Let’s Move Program

Athletic Nutrition for Young Athletes

Healthy Kids Out of School

Sports Injuries

You’ve Been Injured – Now What?

When to Ice? When to Heat? RICE (Rest-Ice-Compression-Elevation)

Knee Injuries in Soccer

Care and Prevention of Ankle Sprains

Combating an Injury Epidemic and More On FIFA 11+ with Dr. Bert Mandelbaum

Player Safety

Prevention of Child Sexual Abuse

US Soccer Recognize to Recover Athlete Concussion Guidelines

US Soccer Recognize to Recover Coaches Concussion Guidelines

Concussion Resources from the CDC

US Soccer Concussion Initiative

US Soccer Recognize to Recover Athletes Collapse Guidelines

Hydration and Heat Illness Guidelines

US Soccer Heat Guidelines and Index

Sun Safety Tips

CPR and AED Training Guidelines

Lightning Safety